These are given to new and old players to retain their interest and loyalty. Players are committed to a casino which welcomes them with open arms and better bonuses. They get welcome bonus, referral bonus, loyalty bonus, and many other kinds of bonuses. In fact, many players use the welcome bonus to play the initial few games to understand how those are played. Once they are comfortable, they put in more money and wager higher bets.

There are many limitations according to which a player has to abide before he can withdraw the winning amount including the bonus. Most of the disputes in any casino happen due to misunderstanding of these rules regarding the use of bonus amount. Casinos want players to play and spend their money; after all, it is a business. So the rules normally stipulate and mention clearly, how much of the bonus amount can be withdrawn from the total amount. The casino also puts limits on the bonus amount, for example, for withdrawing a bonus of 200$ the person will have to spend a certain amount of money in the casino on particular games. Many players try to abuse this system by creating many accounts and claiming multiple bonuses. Sometimes the most popular and common games are kept out of the purview of bonus.

Apart from bonuses, many complimentary gifts are available to the patrons. These are in the form of vouchers, coupons, and prizes. The coupons can be used in the same website for trying new games or buying some privileges. These websites also organize events, competitions and many other extravagant themes that need more coupons or special invites. that could be online or in some exotic place off line. Very lucky people and the people who spend huge amounts of money on casino games get these invites to exclusive events.